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Saturday, January 31, 2004
12:17 PM

Iraqi blogger Healing Iraq comments on the oil bribery story:
And to all you infidel naysayers: "May Allah damn your moustaches". This IS an authentic official list. My uncle who has been working at the State Oil Marketing company for over 20 years told me that yesterday, and also that these 'deals' weren't all under the Oil for Food program but also by illicit oil smuggling through Turkey, Jordan, and Syria. The deputy Minister of Oil has already issued a statement about it adding that there are many more documents proving these links that have not been released to public yet.

We used to hear a lot of rumours about such clandestine transactions. Whenever a reknown international figure payed a visit to Iraq, Iraqis would ask "How many oil barrels did this one get?". So we weren't really surprised by the list, but the enormity of it makes quite a shocking effect.

Just to let you know this one is just a tiny little teaser for all our global friends. Prepare to be very embarrassed friends. For this is just the tip of the iceberg.

He also counts 20 Iraqi bloggers and has links to most of them.

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