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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

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Tuesday, April 01, 2003
12:32 PM

Hello out there. Given the dearth of postings here, I'm surprised at the number of people stopping by, many from The Command Post, so I suppose I should give you something for your trouble. Many of the topics I've covered here seem trivial compared to what's going on Iraq, definitely including golf. But it feels like therapy to me, so here goes. Item number one: Masters Reinstates Past Champions Privileges from AP via The Golf Channel:
Masters chairman Hootie Johnson has given Arnold Palmer and other older former champions a reprieve.

The Augusta Chronicle reported Saturday that Augusta National was about to rescind its age-limit policy, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution said Sunday that former champions received express mail letters Saturday announcing the change. The Atlanta newspaper said a public announcement is expected Monday.

Johnson established a new policy last year that set an age limit of 65, provided a past champion plays at least 10 events the preceding year. The policy was to go into effect in 2004.

Apparently Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, members of Augusta, sat down with Hootie Johnson and persuaded him to change his mind. Bravo. That's according to a longer account in the Washington Times that I've not been able to link.

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