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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Sunday, February 16, 2003
3:15 PM

Title IX update... In the tradition of NFL chief player rep Gene Upshaw and Augusta media consultant Jim McCarthy, the Post publishes a riveting Letter to the Sports Editor by Crista Leahy Morrow. Morrow was trashed in passing by columnist Sally Jenkins in her most recent column about the Department of Education's Title IX commission. I blogged the column briefly, but not the section about [Leahy-] Morrow. Here's what Jenkins said:
"They're just throwing around numbers without analyzing the impact," says Donna Lopiano of the Women's Sports Foundation, a dogged Title IX advocate. "There's a dearth of hard thinking on the commission. To come up with these proposals and to not do the math is irresponsible by a federal commission."

If that's the case, then I'm an expert, too. They should call me. Surely I'm as much of an expert as the expert who testified on the history of Title IX, a 28-year-old law clerk named Crista Leahy. Her credentials? Get this. Once, when she was an undergrad at Princeton, she wrote a paper on it.

I'd love to hear the conversations between the Post and Morrow that led to this Letter. But here's a brief sample of the result. Morrow opens by suggesting that Jenkins was distressed because the panel actually heard dissenting views, including Morrow's, which hold that Title IX has been turned into a nonsensical quota.

Morrow describes an attack on her by the Women's Sports Foundation's Lopiano. I'd guess, though Morrow doesn't say so, that Jenkins got her readout on Morrow from Lopiano. If so, bad idea:
This leads me back to Jenkins's uninformed attack on my credentials. I did not simply write a paper on Title IX when I was an undergrad. I spent a year doing extensive research on the subject -- reading the entire legislative history, every written judicial opinion, and all of the administrative regulations -- and then wrote a 100-page thesis. Following graduation, I revised and updated my thesis and it was published in the Journal of College and University Law. And then I went to law school. So forgive me if I'm offended at Ms. Jenkins's flip comment about my writing a paper.

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