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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Wednesday, February 12, 2003
5:48 PM

Speaking of Phil Mickelson, Post columnist Sally Jenkins went a little over the top in attacking Phil for what is a pretty insignificant dispute between two rich people. Mickelson, who plays Titleist golf clubs, said that Tiger Woods is the only player good enough to overcome his "inferior equipment," i.e., Wood's Nike clubs. Woods used to play Titleist.

Utterly frivolous tempest in a teapot, linked to the huge endorsement deals players receive on this level. Well here's Jenkins' reaction:
The latest mind-numbing equipment controversy in golf comes from the recent comments of corporate vanilla boy Mickelson, who says Woods plays with "inferior" clubs.

Corporate vanilla boy?
Mickelson is a walking violation of truth-in-advertising, a highly paid huckster who is merely doing the bidding of Titleist in sniping at Woods, and trying to lure you into buying the most expensive club off the rack.

Jenkins also provides sensible observations about how hopeless it is for average golfers to expect that buying expensive brand-name equipment will improve their game. But what's going on here? The language is way out of proportion to this trifle.

Besides, Woods and Mickelson are friends again, at least enough to keep the big money machine oiled.

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