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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Thursday, February 27, 2003
2:15 PM

MEMRI alert making the rounds today: Islamist Website: An Imminent Terrorist Attack (Possibly by Al-Qa'ida) Within "About Ten Days" (Apparently in the U.S.)

Who knows, but MEMRI ( the Middle East Media Research Institute, one of my permanent links) is pretty careful.
On February 24th, an Islamist website, - published a religious exhortation containing text announcing an imminent terror attack, apparently to take place in the U.S. The author signed the announcement by the moniker "The Prince of Philosophy." The message also appeared on the Islamist website (as copied from On several occasions in the exhortation, the author claims that the attack is imminent ("the train of death is on its way... nothing will stop its riders") and that only an order from their commander is needed before the attack is carried out. Two pictures of bin Laden were added to the exhortation, one with an image of the World Trade Center in flames, hinting, possibly, to an Al-Qa'ida connection. The following is the main part of the exhortation: 'Here is Victory Appearing on the Horizon... Here is the Dawn of Islam'...

Meanwhile, at, U.S. lowers terror threat level

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