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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

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Sunday, February 23, 2003
12:15 PM

Impressions: The Atkins low-carb diet, Gary Taubes and Michael Fumento... Here is my less-than-systematic appraisal of Big Fat Fake, Michael Fumento's attack on Gary Taubes, who wrote an influential New York Times story about the benefits of the low-carb diet and is now writing a book under a $700,000 contract with Knopf.

1. Fumento says Taubes overlooks or carelessly dismisses massive evidence that contradicts his claims, and has misrepresented the views of researchers, falsely characterizing them as low-carb supporters.

2. My quandary: The low-carb diet worked very well for me.

3. There are studies that back Atkins and Taubes.

4. I love the scientific method but am not overly impressed with the scientific, medical or health-care establishments. They have vested interests just like everybody else.

5. Established wisdom is, in fact, overturned, though it usually provokes howls of protest (ulcer treatment is one example) or outright suppression (the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption is another).

6. The result: A very unsatisfying mishmash.

The subject requires more than a part-time unfunded blog can offer, but in the next post or two I'll try to document my outlook just a little bit.

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