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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Tuesday, February 25, 2003
11:12 PM

I was feeling a little weird because the Post has had a couple of great editorials about the need to confront Saddam Hussein (even if cartoonist Tom Toles thinks he's adorable) and to end the filibuster against appellate judge nominee Miguel Estrada. But then I got that old religion again from this recent editorial on proposed gun laws for Maryland:

The proposals would ban the possession or transfer of 45 types of assault-style weapons that are designed chiefly to kill people...

Yes, there is a Post editorial writer somewhere who thinks there's something exceptional about weapons that are designed to kill people. That's opposed to the Star Trek phasers on stun, I guess.
...expand Maryland's ballistic fingerprinting system from handguns to all firearms; and require gun owners to report lost or stolen weapons to police within 48 hours.

Stolen is one thing, lost is another. And we all know what a glorious success ballistic fingerprinting is.
Chief Moose noted that in the sniper case, authorities used ballistic fingerprinting to link all of the shootings to the same weapon.

A good use of ballistic fingerprinting--with casings all available from a gun known to be used for murder during a short period when the scores out of the barrell can be useful. As opposed to a massive database that will prove useless over time unless harassing lawful gun owners is your purpose.

The Post then casts doubt on Governor Ehrlich's backing of Project Exile-style programs, saying the heavier sentences they hand out for firearms violations haven't done as much to cut crime as previously thought.
Far more to blame is the free flow of guns, egged on by those who argue that a heavily armed public is a strong line of defense. The key is to get a grip on gun traffic.

The key is for responsible law-abiding citizens to defend themselves, itself. But thanks!

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