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Sunday, February 16, 2003
3:34 PM

I should probably say that I know there are more important things going on in the world than Title IX and, say, the Atkins diet. One of my regular readers emailed me today after seeing all the antiwar coverage to say mournfully that "the world hates us." On the latter, all I'll say at the moment is that the first obligation of the United States is to defend itself from its enemies. If much of the world doesn't give a damn about that, or is too blind to see what's really going on, that makes our job more difficult but our survival is at stake so they're well advised to stay out of the way.

On a less important note, I see a lot of great posting out there that I can't improve upon, so I'm focusing on things you might not find elsewhere--as well as things to which I respond quickly and viscerally. I suppose that's the nature of blogging.

Anyway there's nothing I could add to the grave and sobering quality of posts by people like Salam of Where is Raed?:
People want to believe that what happened in the Security Council will actually shoo away the ghost of war, I don't think it will. The Blix and Baradei reports are as wishy-washy as the first reports, we can quote the parts that say we're cooperating and the "others" can quote phrases that say the exact opposite. Besides at this moment I think it is not only about the issue of Iraq and WMDs, it's beginning to look like a showdown between the USofA and the rest of the world, we get to be the example.

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