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Wednesday, February 26, 2003
1:05 PM

Golfer Mark Williams posting on The Golf Channel's discussion board:
My name has been mentioned a couple of times in this thread.

A couple of months ago, I started a post saying I plan on trying to qualify for the LPGA Tour this coming fall. The reason is due to the very words LPGA Commissioner Ty Votaw said: his tour is for people who can't hit the ball far enough to play on the PGA Tour.

I average about 250 yards off the tee. This is shorter than 77 women hit it on the LPGA Tour last year, and only one yard farther than the median drive. In fact, the shortest hitter on the PGA Tour was Pete Jordan at 256. So, it seems the minimum average you must hit it to be on the PGA Tour is 256 - something I cannot physically do.

Luke Donald's coach, Pat Goss, is quoted in the current issue of Golf Digest as saying someone flying the ball 240 hits it too short to compete on the PGA Tour.

Why do I want to try out for the LPGA Tour? Simple. I've always wanted to play professional golf for a living, and Mr. Votaw's description of who his tour is for fits me to a T.

And yes, like (Brian] Kontak, I am serious. Mark

Kontak is the fellow who wants to play in the USGA Women's Open, not an LPGA event but one of the women's majors.

The first link above is merely to the main Golf Channel page because I can't figure out if a direct link would let you post under my name. If you really want to drill in there, the steps would be: Discussion Board (on the main page), The 19th Hole, Man on the LPGA, post no. 32.

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