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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Tuesday, February 25, 2003
1:03 AM

From the Post: N. Korea Fires Missile on Eve Of Transition In the South
SEOUL, Feb. 25 (Tuesday) -- North Korea fired a short-range missile into the Sea of Japan Monday on the eve of the inauguration of South Korea's new president, according to officials here, delivering a blunt new challenge in the North's nuclear weapons standoff with the United States.

The anti-ship missile traveled about 30 miles over seas that separate the Korean Peninsula and Japan, then fell harmlessly into the water, the officials said. By their account, it did not appear to have been a multistage missile capable of traveling long distances....

Still, not exactly something to calm the nerves. In this connection some weeks ago we had a brief discussion about whether a nuclear-armed Japan might become a counterweight to bellicose North Korea. Some posters noted Japan's modern tradition of pacifism. I intended to post this earlier, when it came out. Also from the Post: Threat Erodes Japan's Pacifism

TOKYO, Feb. 14 -- The heightened tension over North Korea's nuclear program is eroding Japan's half-century of pacifism, stirring moves by the country's defense forces and open debate of military options.

Japan's defense minister this week said his country would be entitled to attack North Korea if it were clear North Korea was about to launch a missile at Japan. Other politicians have said Japan should consider having nuclear weapons, a long and strong taboo in the only country to have suffered an atomic attack.

Japan's army, navy and air forces also have been making quiet adjustments to the threat from North Korea, according to sources close to the military and reports in the Japanese press...

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