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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Wednesday, February 05, 2003
2:59 PM

Chutzpah award goes to golfer Jenny Suh, as quoted in this USA Today story about women & golf:
Jenny Suh, 17, of Fairfax, Va., won the 2002 Virginia boys AAA high school championship playing from forward tees for Chantilly High. She will attend Furman in the fall on a golf scholarship. "All this is long overdue, but it's good it's happening," Suh says. "We're tired of golf being known as a men's sport. We're trying to make a statement.

Suh's victory, like Suzy Whaley's, is transparently fraudulent so I'm not sure what statement she thinks she made. The statement she and Whaley actually made was, "We can win if we play a different golf course than the men." Congrats!

The Sorenstam and Michelle Wie cases are quite different.

Blogging will be light the next week or two as I attend to other projects, but this one takes the cake.

UPDATE: A USA Today Online Q&A with Whaley, who as most of you know will play in the Greater Hartford Open against the men after qualifying by winning a tournament in which she played from the shorter tees. I will try to blog this later on, but this is the typical evasion:

Philly, PA: Do you find any hypocrisy behind the sentiment held by many encouraging the participation by women in men's sports, while scorning the idea of men participating in a women's sport? (ie. I'm a good male golfer, why can't I try to play on the LPGA?)

Suzy Whaley: I'm glad you are a good male golfer because you would have to be to play on the LPGA tour and compete. They are the best female golfers in the world.

and this:

Evansville, Indiana: Hi I have several questions. Do you believe you where given an unfair advantage to qualify? Since I know little about you, can you please tell me your golf background? Have you played in the LPGA? What is the best part of your game? As a guy, I have no issues you wanting to play in the PGA. Do you think it is fair for a guy like me or any other guy to try to qualify for a LPGA event?Thank you and good luck.

Suzy Whaley: No. The 10% rule has been in effect for nine years. There has never been a women win a PGA of America event until I did.

I've played golf since I was 9. I was on the LPGA tour as a non-exempt player in 1990, 1993. I worked as a teaching professional for Jim Flick from 1995-present. I'm the Head Golf Professional at Blue Fox Run in Avon, Ct.

The best part of my game is I hit it fairly straight and I'm a good putter.

You can try to play on the LPGA tour but you better get your game in shape. They are the best female golfers in the world.

That last statement is bizarre, since the LPGA (of course) does not permit men to play competitively. And in this statement, as others, she fails to honestly answer the question of whether she feels she had an unfair advantage. Like Jenny Suh, she speaks in this interview of sending messages, etc., without reflecting on the message that is really being sent.

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