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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Thursday, February 13, 2003
11:41 PM

Augusta media consultant Jim McCarthy got an excellent Op-Ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which unbeknownst to me has been attacking Augusta's male membership policy on a Howell Rainesian scale. McCarthy:

By the news story count alone, the Journal-Constitution has now exceeded that of The New York Times (more than 61 articles total), whose coverage of this story some eight weeks ago was widely criticized by observers of the media as "obsessive" and "ideologically driven." It seems likely, I would think, that your readers are rightly wondering whether they are receiving worthy news or activist campaign bulletins...

Your news coverage has consistently ignored the valid and widely held public affairs position that single-gender clubs are perfectly acceptable....

Now that sounds familiar. Can't quite place it. Larry, Lefty somebody....last name starts with an "S"... tip of my tongue...
I certainly don't begrudge any editorial view the paper or its columnists may hold, but again, fair-minded readers would be right to question the sheer volume of comment the issue has garnered in your pages.

To illustrate, here is but a sample of the adjectives the Journal-Constitution and its columnists have used to describe the club: eccentric, rigid, antediluvian, good ol' boys, ignominious, indefensible, inane, delusional, loopy, dated, oafish, specious, arrogant, baffling, clueless, pigheaded, obstinate, racist, sexist, archaic, Neanderthal, multithumbed and peevish.

Wow. And they say people don't know how to use a thesaurus anymore.

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