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Thursday, February 06, 2003
6:03 PM

Activist Norah Vincent has a wonderful Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Times on the Title IX battles, Feminists Are Poor Sports on Issue of Fairness to Male Athletes (registration required, and I think this may time out after a week)
The issue is fairness. A law passed to ensure equal treatment for the sexes has become the means by which one sex is being discriminated against. In the name of equal protection, this creeping injustice must not go unremedied.

Yet in a lamentable triumph of tribalism over conscience, women's groups are doing everything they can to ensure that it will not. The feminist approach is characterized by entitlement grubbing and selfish disregard for all but the opportunistic demands of its own constituency. It is deeply illiberal and sadly indicative of the corruption that has infiltrated what's left of a movement that started as a laudable civil rights initiative.

Exactly. Liberalism has devolved into a mere power struggle, not a search for constitutional equality.
The balkanizing of the public interest into advocacy coalitions has turned women's groups -- like caucuses for minorities, gays, the elderly and the disabled -- into intimidating special-interest lobbies that seem to care nothing for the greater good. The sole criterion for action seems not to be, "Is it fair?" but rather, "Is it better for us?"

That is not an acceptable standard. Nor is it a particularly viable one in the long run, for by that measure only the strongest, most entrenched forces prevail. Lest we forget, such were the odious conditions under which the "weaker sex" found itself disenfranchised in the first place.

Yeah, that's it.
Male athletes deserve a fair shake on Title IX, and any feminist worth her heritage should see that they get it.

Like totally. This is the problem: Feminists and other liberals started out in life seeking equality, and now they're locked into another variation of petty corruption--privileges assigned by tribe. The point of America is to destroy that tradition.

That's why I'm so disappointed by Suzy Whaley. She had a chance to make a statement, alright. The statement would have gone something like this:
I regret to announce that I cannot accept a position in the Greater Hartford Open. Even though playing in a PGA event is the chance of a lifetime, teeing it up under these circumstances would violate the traditions of fair competition. I signed a winning score after playing a shorter course, a custom in recreational golf when men and women play together, but one that shouldn't apply to the premier tour. Competing on this basis would be especially damaging to golf, which alone among sports relies upon the character of its athletes to follow the rules and enforce, upon themselves, the principles of fair play.

Every golfer knows that the length of a given hole radically changes its difficulty, and the rules of this qualifier--the rules I was asked to follow, and did--unfortunately meant that I displaced a fellow golfer who played a much more difficult course.

Frankly, knowing that, I couldn't play in the GHO and look my daughters in the eye.

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