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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Thursday, January 16, 2003
11:41 PM

We're having another International Answer-sponsored "peace" march this weekend in Washington, so the puppet-masters at the Workers World Party will have another shot at manipulating an ignorant press and the activists (we can only hope they're ignorant) into overlooking their support for those Nice North Koreans, not to mention their belief that Iraq is peachy-keen.

So anyway InstaGuy links to this Christopher Hitchens reminder:

There are at least three well-established reasons to favor what is euphemistically termed “regime change” in Iraq. The first is the flouting by Saddam Hussein of every known law on genocide and human rights, which is why the Senate - at the urging of Clinton - passed the Iraq Liberation Act unanimously before George Bush had even been nominated. The second is the persistent effort by Saddam’s dictatorship to acquire the weapons of genocide: an effort which can and should be thwarted and which was condemned by the United Nations before George Bush was even Governor of Texas. The third is the continuous involvement by the Iraqi secret police in the international underworld of terror and destabilisation.

Also note that the antiwar movement is not, how shall I put it, a Performance-Based Organization:

If the counsel of the peaceniks had been followed, Kuwait would today be the nineteenth province of Iraq (and on his own recently produced evidence, Saddam Hussein would have acquired nuclear weapons). Moreover, Bosnia would be a trampled and cleansed province of Greater Serbia, Kosovo would have been emptied of most of its inhabitants, and the Taliban would still be in power in Afghanistan. Yet nothing seems to disturb the contented air of moral superiority which surrounds those who intone the "peace" mantra.

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