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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Thursday, January 16, 2003
1:03 PM

Those nice North Koreans, part 2... A young South Korean quoted in the Jan. 9 Washington Post:

"If the United States left, I wouldn't mind," says Kim Young Ran, 29. "If North Korea wants nuclear weapons, I think they should have them. The U.S. and so many other countries have them. There's no way North Korea will attack us with their nuclear weapons. I don't think so. We're the same country. You don't bomb and kill your family. We share the same blood."

Mona Charen on how North Korea treats its family with the same blood:

One escapee, An Myung Chul, who reached Seoul in 1994, gave the following description of conditions within one of North Korea's many concentration camps:

"Who carried out the executions? The choice was left to the discretion of security agents, who shot when they did not want to dirty their hands or killed slowly if they wanted to prolong the agony. I learned that people could be beaten to death, stoned or killed with blows from a shovel. Sometimes the executions were turned into a game, with prisoners being shot at as though they were targets in a shooting competition at a fairground. Sometimes prisoners were forced to fight each other to the death and tear each other up with their bare hands. Women rarely died peacefully. I saw breasts slashed with knives, genitals smashed in with shovel handles, necks broken with hammers. In the camps, death is very banal. And political criminals do whatever they have to do to survive. They do anything to get a fraction more corn or pig fat. "

There's naive, there's dangerously naive, and there's unforgivably naive.

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