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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Wednesday, January 01, 2003
10:16 PM

This just in from Leonard Shapiro: Burk Ponders Strategy. Now there's the shock of the unexpected!

Martha Burk, chairwoman of the National Council of Women's Organizations, will meet with her board early next week to begin plotting final strategy in its attempt to persuade Augusta National Golf Club to admit female members before the 2003 Masters tournament in April.

One of the options, she said in an interview yesterday, will be to challenge current members to resign from the club, which has never had a female member.

That's been one of the options for awhile now. Some guy named Leonard Shapiro reported it Nov. 12:

Over the last five months, Burk's organization, representing 160 women's organizations and 7 million members, has been trying to persuade Augusta to change its policy. She has sent out close to 30 letters to members in highly visible corporate positions seeking their help in working from the inside to change the policy. She also has asked them to resign their memberships.

I'd wager neither the story nor the hed should be overnighted to the Pulitzer jury. Guess we're blowing embers here.

By the way, the Post story online includes the NCWO's new website,, aimed at shaming executives who are members of Augusta. That's fine, but it does make a conservative kinda guy wonder how balanced these links are. For example, in this Nov. 14 story on an Augusta-commissioned poll (which Shapiro derided), there's no link to the poll itself. Seems like a natural to me, particularly since he quotes critics saying noted pollster Kellyanne Conway rigged the survey to produce the desired result. Could readers decide for themselves? Then, as now, only if they read PostWatch!

By the way, I'm overdue for thanking Eleven Day Empire for very kind words on this issue. ("PostWatch is nothing if not persistent.....") So thanks. Speaking of persistence, I should warn you all that my next obsession will be the anticipated release, Jan. 8, of the findings of the Department of Education's Title IX Commission.

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