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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Saturday, January 11, 2003
1:05 PM

There is a particular kind of Yankee ignorance and condescension about the south that I know well, being a Yankee. I don't know where it comes from, other than being on the right side of the Civil War, and as a result it's almost always aimed at white southerners. But after the first 140 years or so, it gets old.

I'm reminded of this after reading a Jay Nordlinger article in National Review-the magazine, not the blog, so you'll have to buy a magazine. The story doesn't break new ground unless all you read, listen to or watch consists of mainsteam media. In that case, some of this would be new:

Funny thing is, [Hootie] Johnson, a banker, has always been known as a progressive in his home state of South Carolina. He was a mover in the desegregation of the state's colleges and universities. He was a board member of the National Urban League (for heaven's sake). He was a trustee of Benedict College (a "historically black" institution). He received the Outsanding Citizen Award from the national B'nai B'rith--the only South Carolinian besides Bernard Baruch to be so honored, says one account of him.

And of course he's been an ally of women in the corporate world, and women play at Augusta, and Augusta generates millions of dollars for charities, etc.,
etc. But this is not enough.

In any case, Martha Burk's crusade was triggered in part by good old-fashioned Yankee contempt. Nordlinger (who earlier in this piece refers to the Washington Post), writes:

Here's how she got the idea of going after Augusta National: As she related to that same Washington Post, she was watching last year's Masters on television. "The tournament was over, Tiger Woods has won, and it's time for the green jacket. So this guy comes out on camera and he says...'Ah'm Hootie Johnson, prezz-a-dint of thuh Uh-gust-a National Golf Club.' And Ms. Burk thought to herself, 'Hootie Johnson, Ah'm a-gonna wraaaht yew uh letter!' "

All class, this lady.

As a Saturday Night Live skit, I could actually laugh at this. As a window into the soul of the white northern left, how sad.

Al Sharpton is running for president. Think anyone lampooning his role in the Tawana Brawley hoax could continue to get favorable mainstream coverage after ridiculing Sharpton's speech patterns?

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