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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Friday, January 03, 2003
8:41 AM

Slow news day.... A1: The presidents of the universities playing in tonight's college football championship are both women.

...Come kickoff for Friday's Fiesta Bowl, in which top-ranked Miami will face No. 2 Ohio State for college football's national championship, the top dog in the Buckeyes' box will be a woman in a scarlet outfit: President Karen A. Holbrook.

To find her Miami counterpart, the cameras will have to search for President Donna E. Shalala, who will give up her seat in the president's box so she can whoop it up alongside the Hurricanes' most rabid boosters at Tempe's Sun Devil Stadium....

Zounds! Is such a thing possible?

Maybe it's a love letter to former Clinton cabinet member Shalala, and it certainly sounds like one. And it gives Shalala a chance to offer an unrebutted opinion about Title IX:

I run the most successful football program in the country, and I am a huge supporter of our football program," Shalala said. "But the growth of the costs of football at almost every university are squeezing men's [non-revenue] sports. We've got to step up and be honest. We've got to be prepared to control all of our costs. We shouldn't pretend that we're cutting back on men's sports because of Title IX. We're not. We're cutting back on men's sports because we have some very expensive men's athletic programs. And we ought to find the proper balance."

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