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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Friday, January 10, 2003
12:15 AM

Skeptical Environmentalist Update: NRO has linked to author Bjoern Lomborg's brief response to the Danish Committee that condemned his work, but it's a a weird link--it's directly to a Word document that my old reader can't handle very well. Two of his main points:

Unfortunately the DCSD has made their decision without taking a position to the content of the complaints. The DCSD has ruled that ‘it is not DCSD's remit to decide who is right in a contentious professional issue’. I find this ruling inexplicable and it means that there is still no ruling about the numerous complaints put forth in public. So I maintain that the complaints of the plaintiffs are unfounded.

The main conclusion by DCSD finds that my book is ‘clearly contrary to the standards of good scientific practice’ because of systematically biased selection of data and arguments. But since the DCSD has neglected to take their position on the technical scientific disputes their conclusions are completely unfounded. The DCSD does not give a single example to demonstrate their claim of a biased choice of data and arguments. Consequently, I don’t understand this ruling. It equals an accusation without defining the crime....

Lomborg says he's submitted lengthier comments to the DCSD. OmbudsGod has comments and a long list of links on the issue from Scientific American.

UPDATE: OmbudgsGod has tons of stuff again and a better Lomborg link.

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