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Saturday, January 25, 2003
12:16 AM

Random Annika Sorenstam thoughts that will not win me a Blogger Pulitzer, not the least because there isn't one.... Apparently at least five different PGA events plus the Canadian Open have expressed interest in inviting Sorenstam to play. Saw Phil Mickelson on The Golf Channel tonight, who thinks it's neat and speculated it would be good for the LPGA if she did well, and bad if she didn't.

Deep philosophers most pro golfers are not.

The reporter asked Mickelson if he thought she could be competitive enough to win, and it's hard to tell (I mean this with no sarcasm) if he was just being nice when he kinda said yes. Another well-known golfer whose name escapes me at the moment said he didn't think she'd make the cut. Darned if I know, but I think she'd make the cut.

Random stat: The Golf Channel says Sorenstam, the top-ranked women's golfer in the world and a champion 13 (!) times last year, has an average drive of 265 yards. The average drive for the average PGA pro is 280.

For you non golfers out there, that's a lot; it translates into one or 1 1/2 clubs. Over the course of a four-round tournament, the difficulty of coming into dozens of greens with a 6 iron instead of a 7 or 8 really adds up. That's why she has to pick a shorter course if she's serious about competing (and that's why Suzy Whaley, who qualified for the men's Hartford Open by playing from the shorter women's tees, is causing such a gnashing of golf purists' teeth). I can't find the stat right now, but over the course of an entire season, the average difference between even a monster (compliment) like Tiger Woods and a No. 2 like Mickelson is less than two strokes.

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