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Monday, January 13, 2003
11:33 PM

Our last VivaInsta! Venezuelan blog tonight is The Devil's Excrement, which is slightly less gross than it sounds--it's a reference to oil. It quotes one Manuel Acedo Sucre who tries to explain the Chavez crisis in terms an American--particularly a baby-boomer American--would understand:

Just imagine that Richard Nixon had used the majority he obtained in 1972 (he carried all the states except D.C. and Massachusetts) to change the U.S. Constitution. Let us say that rather than having it amended through the established constitutional procedures, he had called for a constitutional convention and that with 65% of the popular vote he had managed to get 95% of the delegates to the convention. Assume, further, that the convention had abolished Congress, extended the President's term to six years (with the possibility of re-election) and established a transitory regime under which all the Supreme Court Justices, the Attorney General (as head of a new branch of government) and the national electoral authorities (as heads of another branch), were elected either by the convention or with complete disregard for the procedures and requirements established in the new Constitution, by a newly elected Congress, packed with Nixon supporters riding on Nixon's post-electoral honeymoon. Not to strain too much your imagination, just assume that the convention decided to "clean up" the court system and substitute the existing judges by persons appointed by the Nixon-controlled majority, now following the dictates of Nixon's new party, the "New Republicans", again disregarding even the new Constitution...

Lots more worth reading.

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