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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Thursday, January 30, 2003
1:09 PM

One loose end on Annika Sorenstam I wanted to tie up. I knew Laura Davies (another great LPGA golfer) had played against men somewhere, and I'm still not sure of the exact format, but in this AP story via The Golf Channel, here you go:
Laura Davies, the biggest hitter in women's golf, believes Sorenstam would ``comfortably'' make the cut and would not be satisfied unless she had a chance to win. But consider the source. Davies played in something called the ``Super Tour'' in 1998, which was playing on four courses in four Asian cities. Vijay Singh won at 19-under 269. Davies was 20 over par, a mere 39 strokes out of the lead.

The story starts with a look at a female basketball player who had an NBA tryout in 1979 (!). I'd say the story is favorable to Sorenstam playing in a PGA tournament, and maybe more than one, since the baskeball player, Ann Meyers, points out you can't tell much from one event.

Two other random points: One faithful PostWatch reader doesn't think Sorenstam would break 80, which would put her in the "hopeless" category. And we haven't talked yet about 13-year-old Michele Wie, who tried to qualify for the recent Sony Open:
Wie shot a 1-over par 73, but failed to qualify for the Sony Open in competition Monday. Wie was the youngest and only female in the field of 96 players trying to make the four remaining slots for the event.

This is stunning for a kid her age, and apparently she can drive the ball 300 yards. Still, there is the folly of youth:
Michelle Wie said she believes female golfers not only belong on the PGA Tour, but will one day dominate the sport. And the 13-year-old from Honolulu is trying her best to prove it....''I think someday we'll be better,'' said Wie, who played from the championship tees with the men. ''Women strive harder and they have better goals.''.

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