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Wednesday, January 22, 2003
6:28 PM

MediaMinded takes on the Style section's profile by Howard Kurtz on Paul Krugman I linked earlier today.

As related by MediaMinded, Krugman on liberal media bias:

Paul Krugman thinks it's a myth. Doesn't exist. A figment of the conservative imagination.

"Probably a majority of reporters are registered Democrats or vote Democratic," he says. "But a heavy majority of editors are Republican. The corporations that control most media are Republican. There are operations like Fox News which are unabashedly part of the Republican enterprise and operations like CNN which are carefully evenhanded. The Times is actually -- it's clear the editorial page is mildly liberal and most of the staff must be mildly liberal. But in reporting on issues, most of the time it bends over backwards to find two sides to every story.

"There's an organized machine on the right. There really is a lot of money and professional right-wingers out there to influence the media. There's nothing comparable on the left."

MediaMinded on Krugman:

First of all, how in the hell does Krugman, who, as Kurtz writes, "rarely ventures from his Ivy League enclave to either Washington or New York and almost never talks to the people he is writing about," know that most editors are Republican? That has most certainly NOT been my experience in 13 years of journalism at papers both large and small. ...

And then the last bit. It's true that "there is a lot of money and professional right-wingers out there to influence the media," Paul. I'm sure you're referring to the well-financed right-leaning think tanks out there. But there are also a lot of well-financed left-leaning think tanks out there. Of course, they're not acknowledged as such. They're called elite universities. You know, Paul, places like Princeton. These are multi-billion-dollar organizations that have the kind of access to column inches and air time that Richard Mellon Scaife would envy.

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