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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Friday, January 31, 2003
12:43 PM

Is Joe Drape a regular columnist in the Sports pages of the New York Times? I don't read the Times enough to know, and there's no tagline explaining who he is, so that's my guess. So imagine my surprise when he expressed disappointment in the commission because it didn't abolish Title IX.

From A Good Law Whose Time Has Passed:
When Congress approved Title IX, 1 in 27 girls in high school played a sport. While my brothers and I were carted to competitions in those days, my sister was lucky that her school fielded a volleyball team. But by 2000 the ratio of girls competing in high school was one in three. Over the past three decades the number of women participating in college sports has jumped fivefold.

Still, what I would have liked to have seen a Bush administration advisory commission say yesterday was that the law was no longer necessary and should be abolished. This is not offered as a Neanderthal opinion, but an evolutionary one: I'm convinced that the train is out of the station as far as women's athletics goes, that parents, coaches and administrators have seen the value and viability of participation by girls and young women.

But judging from the sound and fury coming out of the Washington hearings and beyond over the past two days, others think not. Even to amend the concept of Title IX's proportionality — a requirement that the ratio of male and female athletes at colleges and universities be roughly the same as the overall student body — we are told, will send us back to the Stone Age of my sister, as women's sports are slashed.
I don't buy it.

Here's an example of the kind of problems under the current regime:
the wrestling team at Marquette University was eliminated in 2001, despite being supported entirely by a booster group outside the university budget. The wrestling boosters offered to raise more money to keep the program, but Marquette declined to reinstate it. That isn't fair or right.....So it's time to bid what was once a very good law adieu. It's not working anymore

UPDATE: Well, he has 20 stories under his byline since Jan. 31 alone, so yeah, looks like he's a regular.

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