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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Saturday, January 18, 2003
12:28 PM

I just don't have the stomach today for lengthy anti-anti-war postings. Having watched nearly and hour of the International ANSWER-sponsored protest, I can see that the speakers consist of the usual combination of bubbleheads, anti-American activists and closet supporters of oppression and brutality, as long as it is committed by regimes opposed to the U.S. For the latter, I refer you to the frequent statements from the podium about the U.S. attack on the "people of Afghanistan." Others have remarked on this, but it is still remarkable that the liberal tradition of supporting equal justice under the law for women and for tiny minorities such as gays and lesbians has mutated into de facto support for the Taliban. In the real world, it would be very hard to create the case for a more just war than that against the Taliban and its friends in Al-Qaeda. But oppose that cause they do, even though it was the guns of the United States that liberated that country from serial amputations, from women-as-cattle, from the brutal execution of homosexuals....If you cannot see this, my dear anti-warriors, you are really too blind to be helped.

Glenn Reynolds asked today whether the mainstream media would identify the Stalinist political leanings of International Answer's sponsor, the Worker's World Party, but he knew the...answer. In today's Post, neither this story, the main piece, nor this one (one mention) says one little jot about it, though ANSWER is quoted extensively. We are spared the distraction of the kind of context provided every single time Trent Lott's name comes up. Same goes for Ramsey Clark, who is mentioned in the main story above as a a speaker and recently compared Jesus to a terrorist. Nothing on that one either.

So: International ANSWER Still Silent On Jesus "Terrorism" Controversy

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