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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Tuesday, January 28, 2003
6:51 PM

Here's the Independent Women's Forum press release on the Title IX battle, released today in sync with the press conference (and with the two-day meeting this week of the Title IX Commission):

No More Quotas!

WASHINGTON, DC (January 29, 2003)—Recommendations expected to be made in the coming days by the Commission on Opportunity in Athletics to Education Secretary Rod Paige will improve the unfair environment created by Title IX but not go nearly far enough, the Independent Women’s Forum said today.

“What is needed is an end to the current proportionality test,” says Editor of The Women’s Quarterly Charlotte Hays. “The recommendations we expect the Commission to make – varying the proportionality, excluding non-traditional students from computation, and measuring student interest in athletics by sex – are a step in the right direction but, unfortunately, will still leave fairness out of intercollegiate sports.” ...

IWF Senior Fellow Melana Zyla Vickers notes: “Because the test fails to account for differing levels of interest between men and women, many universities have been forced to drop men’s sports teams, such as wrestling, baseball, or gymnastics, in order comply with Title IX. Also, the proportionality test excludes those women who participate in traditional female physical activities, such as dance, cheerleading, and drill team, making it even more difficult for schools to meet the strict quotas. ”...

That raises another point, by the way. Outside of athletics, girls and women are much more involved in extracurricular activity than boys and men. Band, student government, all kinds of clubs...But for some odd reason there's no initiative to limit female participation in these areas until males are more equally represented.

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