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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Sunday, January 12, 2003
11:13 PM

Evil Pharmacist Guild Focus of Post Investigation... Did someone at the Post get a bad prescription? Two or three times in the past few days, depending on how you count, its coverage of Illinois Gov. George Ryan's death-row pardons includes this chilling expose:

While he has been hailed by death penalty opponents around the world for his actions--Ryan imposed the nation's first moratorium on executions three years ago--critics complain that the governor is merely trying to deflect public attention from his own political troubles. And prosecutors contend that Ryan, a pharmacist by trade, is failing crime victims.

Aha! It's not the Bilderbergs! It's pharmacists.

Basically the same story appears Jan. 11, with the same language--it appeared in the print edition; the Jan. 10 story (about the first four pardons) was breaking news, posted online. Then today, the Post reports Ryan's commutations of all death sentences:

Cook County State's Attorney Dick Devine said the future of those pardoned Friday should have been decided by the courts. "Instead, they were ripped away [from the courts] by a man who is a pharmacist by training and a politician by trade," he said. "Yes, the system is broken. The governor broke it."

Looks like the earlier versions of the story took a Devine quote, which I can only guess is intended as some kind of slur against the Pharmacist-American community, and inserted it as helpful background info.

Either that or it's a secret code launching some Special Ops brigade. Anyone live near an air base?

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