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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Tuesday, January 07, 2003
11:27 PM

ESPN is the target of this Minneapolis Star-Tribune column by Patrick Reusse. Most of it deals with ESPN getting scooped on the Bill Parcels/Dallas Cowboys story, and failing to credit the Dallas Morning News. But there's this passing reference to its recent, inadequate program on Augusta:

ESPN was at its unscrupulous best a couple of weeks ago, when it hosted a roundtable discussion on the controversy surrounding Augusta National and its lack of women members.

Ben Wright was recruited to serve as a backer of Augusta National's position. Wright was fired in January 1996 as a CBS golf commentator for derogatory remarks aimed at lesbians, the state of women's golf and also the woman reporter conducting the interview in question.

So what do you get when trying to conduct a meaningful discussion on golf's No. 1 current controversy? If you're ESPN, you bring in the sport's most-notorious sexist and put him on the panel, even though he has been gone from public view for seven years.

Then, you order moderator Bob Ley to keep pumping questions at Wright, hoping you can get him to pull a Trent Lott. It was amazing to watch Ley continue to aim questions toward Wright, an observer without portfolio, while asking for minimal input from the thoughtful Dave Anderson, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist from the New York Times.

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