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Wednesday, January 01, 2003
11:13 PM

As long as I'm blogrolling I should note that OmbudsGod linked to my recent post on Michael Getler's refusing to answer Augusta media consultant Jim McCarthy's many attempts to discuss a Dec. 12 Leonard Shapiro feature on Augusta. (OmbudsGod: Who do you call when the ombudsman won’t return phone calls?)

I described that story as "embarassingly one-sided" and today's story is as well. Aside from a "no comment," there's nothing from any opponents of Burk. Now I understand part of what's going on here. The reporter gave Augusta a chance to reply, they turned him down, and at that point many a reporter will say fine! If you don't want to defend yourself, that's your problem! But most of the time that's not good enough, particularly for a supposedly world-class paper. If you're going to run a story whose main quality is to repeat past attacks, then repeat past replies, either from Augusta itself or many other authorities whose opinions would create a more interesting story. Even if they're not in the liberal rolodex, they can be located in something called "the phone book."

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