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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

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Thursday, January 23, 2003
1:35 PM

Annika Sorenstam wants to play a PGA tour event. From The Golf Channel:

She says she won’t consider it a main priority, and she doesn’t plan to write PGA Tour stops for an invitation. But if someone should invite her, “I would love to have the opportunity and the challenge.’

Michelle Wie, a 13-year-old Hawaiian, recently shot a 73 in the Sony Championship qualifier. Susy Whaley is going to play in the Hartford PGA Tour stop after her win in a PGA tourney. Whaley is a teaching pro, not a tour pro. She doesn’t expect to do much. Sorenstam, on the other hand, won 13 times around the world last year, 11 on the LPGA Tour. She would expect to be a competitor at least.

“I have nothing to lose,” she said Wednesday at a media event benefitting her sponsor, Callaway, at Bay Hill Lodge in Orlando

No, but the poor journeyman who needs the dough more than you do would be knocked out of contention. Now Sorenstam is an amazing golfer, but unlike Whaley's "win" in the PGA qualifier, she'd be playing from the men's tees and thus truly competing. Bottom line: When on her game, I'm positive she'd beat a fair amount of men though she wouldn't have a prayer of winning against the cream of the tour.

Funny how these larks usually only apply to women.

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