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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Tuesday, January 14, 2003
10:16 PM

Alphecca, "An occasional blog by a gay gun-nut in Vermont," runs a tally of news stories posted at a gun-debate site within Yahoo. This week he classifies 14 as "For More Gun Control Or Is Anti-Gun; 1 as "For More Gun Control Or Is Anti-Gun" and 4 as "Neutral Articles." Looks like he's been doing this for about 12 weeks, with similar results (that's a lot of consistent work, by the way, so kudos). His comment:

Still not much of a "debate" as you can see. Of course, it's all left-coast liberals selecting which stories to list and link to. Several articles fell off the "front page" and went into the archives. Two new articles appeared and both were very anti-gun.

He adds the the most interesting story was this one in the Post, about rising crime in the U.K. and the death of teenagers from gunfire. Alphecca:

Getting back to the Washington Post article above, the thing I notice, aside from it being anti-gun, are the gratuitous remarks about how England has somehow been tainted by America and American culture. And how, "well at least we aren''t as bad as America yet."

Well... actually, England is worse!

As it is in every category now except for murder, which you have to admit is a pretty bad category. Check out the site. I read that story too and what struck me was that it mentioned how gun crime has risen since the U.K. adopted its handgun ban--but it doesn't quite make the connection that gun crimes and crime in general has risen because law-abiding citizens had their firearms confiscated. Of course, one reponse is to pass even tougher laws, such as confiscating replicas. The Post:

But many question whether new laws will have much impact. They note that Britain adopted one of the toughest handgun bans in the world following the 1996 Dunblane massacre in Scotland, in which a man shot dead 16 primary school students and their teacher. The ban led to the voluntary surrender or confiscation of more than 160,000 handguns. Yet experts now estimate there are hundreds of thousands more illegal handguns in Britain, from places such as Eastern Europe and Jamaica, arming street gangs who see guns as crucial to their power.

I know that in social science, it is very hard to link cause and effect. But what has happened in the U.K. is precisely what the NRA said would happen. The Post doesn't bother to add that perspective either because....oh, why exactly?

Alphecca link ViaInsta.

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