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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Wednesday, December 11, 2002
9:14 PM

Trent Lott just phoned into Larry King ("an invited caller" as they put it) to apologize for his remarks. It was not a bad apology, but would have much much more of a difference a few days ago. He said it was a "mistake of the mouth, or the head, but not of the heart"; he said the segregation policies of the past were a bad idea and apologized several times for being insensitive. He also pointed out briefly some of the things he had done to support historically black colleges in his state, noted that Mississippi has more black legislators than any other state (I don't know if he meant in Congress or at the state level), etc.--all in all, a statement of inter-racial amity that may be too little too late. Democrats are holding vigils hoping he remains as Senate majority leader.

UPDATE: InstaGuy notes Lott appeared on Sean Hannity's radio program broadcast as well on Fox News Channel. Basically the same gist as above but check the link for yourself. InstaComment: I don't know. If he'd said this on Saturday it would have killed the story. Now it seems, well, unconvincing and inadequate.

But I don't know why so many bloggers seem to feel he's toast. He isn't. Maybe he should be, but he isn't. Part of it will be his own stubborness--it probably would be best for the party if he stepped down, but giving up such power voluntarily is rare. But there's something else: despite the stupidity and ignorance of his comments, most people in Washington know very well that he's not a racist yearning for the good ole days of 1950s Jim Crow.

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