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Monday, December 09, 2002
5:10 PM

Suzy Whaley Update... Don't know if this is a Hartford Courant scoop, but that's where I found it:

Rule Change Under Discussion
After Whaley, Same-Tee Requirement Likely

December 7, 2002
By BRUCE BERLET, Courant Staff Writer

Maybe it will become known as the Suzy Whaley Rule.

Jim Awtrey, chief executive officer of the PGA of America, said Friday the organization will consider a rule change that would require all competitors to play from the same tees if they are to earn an invitation to a PGA Tour event....

"Suzy has done a tremendous job at showing this program works, and I don't want anything to take away from her accomplishments because she has earned this opportunity [to play in the GHO] and, in my opinion, will represent us very well, no matter what score she shoots," Awtrey said. "... But we do have to address the rule in light of the rules of the tour. The tour has welcomed women to play the tour, but they must qualify from the same tees [in section and open qualifiers]. This program has worked for us, but we have to address the rule in order to be fair to anyone."...

Imagine that.

The Dec. 7 dateline makes it Friday. I don't recall seeing any of this over the weekend, but for the most part I take off Saturday and Sunday, despite the great wage & benefits package offered by PostWatch.

UPDATE: Courant columnist Jeff Jacobs also has a column on this.

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