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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Thursday, December 05, 2002
7:02 PM

NYT writer Dave Anderson says there is a "resolution in process" regarding his Augusta column that will satisfy everyone. He just appeared on CNN's Lou Dobbs' show.

UPDATE: Thought I was losing my mind--Lou Dobbs said Anderson was "up next" around 6:30, and he didn't turn up til the last segment--he was trudging through New York snow, and the only reason I saw this was because I was stuck home with Washington snow.

Hope you enjoyed that personality segment.

Anyway, it was a very brief appearance, but he was speaking from the NYT headquarters with the NYT logo behind him, and Dobbs was in a very jovial mood, saying he didn't think there was any question of the Times inhibiting free speech. Anderson agreed with Dobbs that Augusta was one of the great social stories at the moment, suggesting the 40+ stories on this from the Times, and no place else, was no big deal. However, when pressed, Anderson would not agree that "all is well" and dodged Dobbs' question about the effect of all this on the Times' staff, reverting three or four time to his statement that there is a "resolution in process" that will take care of it. It's gotta be his column with revisions?

No word in this interview of Harvey Araton. Dobbs had a piece earlier in his show about the spiked-story controversy in which both writers were covered.

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