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Wednesday, December 04, 2002
11:58 PM

It's been an Augusta kind of day, what can I say. Cybercast News Service ( wrote a story in the style of the New York Times: Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus Remain Silent....CNS just isn't as hysterical about it:

Golfing Greats Mum on Augusta's Male Only Membership Policy

By Jim Burns Senior Staff Writer
December 04, 2002

( - Between them, legendary golfers Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer won the Masters tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club ten times. But, neither appears willing to get involved in the continuing controversy over Augusta's policy to allow only male members....

...Doc Giffin, Palmer's spokesman, told Tuesday the four-time winner of the prestigious Masters tournament was steering clear of the controversy.

"Mr. Palmer has had a standard policy since this whole thing started, to have no comment and he has not made himself available for interviews of any kind," said Giffin.

Nicklaus' office called Tuesday night, saying Nicklaus was on vacation and would have no comment. Nicklaus won the Masters tournament six times, the most by any golfer, and was a runner-up four times.

Locals seem unamused, by the way:

Augusta Mayor Bob Young said it was unfortunate the issue has taken on such prominence in the news media, especially when it is hardly a controversy in his hometown.

"The people in Augusta are largely unaffected by this whole controversy," he said. "It's not something that people here are talking about, when it first became a national issue and even today. This seems to be an issue that's driven more by people outside the community."

Well. Only the outside world understands the plight of excluded billionaire female golfers.

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