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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Thursday, December 05, 2002
7:17 PM

Far out! InstaGuy cites Cybercast News Service for a story saying sources are complaining they were misquoted about Augusta--and the Times won't print their letters-to-the-editor.'s Scott Hogenson writes:

[Dustry] Avery is a homemaker from Augusta, Ga., whose photograph graced a Nov. 17 New York Times article about the potential economic hardship for the community as a result of the Augusta National Golf Club's policy of allowing only male members, the recent protests it's attracted, and the possibility of more protests during the Masters Golf Tournament next spring.

But Avery said the Times misquoted her, distorted her remarks about the impact of feminist protests against the golf club's policy and isn't doing anything to correct the record.

"They misrepresented what I said," said Avery. "The Augusta National is not hurting the economy. This feminist group that has decided to make it their job to get women in the National, you know, it's hurting us. We're not mad at the National, we're mad at Martha Burk. She has no business down here."

Clarification: InstaMan says "sources" but according to this story, it's just Avery, though if you read this story and misrepresentations, that's plenty bad. And the Times is dodging CNSNews's queries on the story like Enron dodging another audit.

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