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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Thursday, December 05, 2002
12:25 AM

Alert reader DontTread noticed that Slate linked to a New York Times internal memo posted at defending its Augusta coverage and the spiking of the columns taking issue with the paper's position on the club's all-male policy. I'm really beat and have to turn in as Washington prepares for its worst nightmare, that WMD known as "snow." But this line is really priceless:

The decisions faced by CBS, a leading network that is a 46-year Masters partner of the club, are a significant part of the story. There is only one word for our vigor in pursuing a story -- whether in Afghanistan or Augusta.

Call it journalism.

Call it an utterly amazing lack of perspective. Call it, shall we say, rich and steaming.

UPDATE: Damn, I want to go to sleep. But I made the mistake of looking forward into Thursday's Post. Howard Kurtz reports on the issue. Basically, the lame defense offered by that memo--written by ME Gerald Boyd--is that for Columnist Dave Anderson to take a different position was "unseemly"; and writer Harvey Araton's column didn't meet the paper's standard of "logic." Really, You could look it up.


Asked why a differing viewpoint by a sportswriter would be dismissed as "intramural quarreling," Boyd said in an interview: "It's not whether he had a different view from the editorial. It's how he executes it. If it's his opinion versus the editorial board's opinion, it becomes self-absorbed." can have a different view, just not a different opinion. This is the New York Freakin' Times, by the way. This is the standard of logic Harvey Araton could not meet.


Boyd was adamant in the interview that the paper has nothing to apologize for. "We're writing about discrimination at one of the nation's most prestigious golf clubs and involving one of the world's most prominent tournaments. It's an important story, economically, socially, politically, gender-wise, racially. I don't know what it means to write too much about it."

This is true. You don't.

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