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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Sunday, November 17, 2002
9:25 PM

Read the Post if you want to know what Eastern elite types are thinking. For the heartland, check out Sunday's Parade magazine.


The Post is now running excerpts from this season's Bob Woodward book, Bush At War, and it sounds interesting. Apparently much of it revolves around Colin Powell's undaunted journey from the fringe of the Administration to the center, as summarized in the subhed Powell Journeyed From Isolation to Winning the Argument on Iraq

But how lasting will that victory be? Don't think I can link it, but here's the ol' Q-and-A from Walter Scott's Personality Parade:

Q If Colin Powell is the odd man out in the Bush Administration, why did the President listen to him and seek United Nations support for a war against Iraq?

A Washington insiders tell us Powell either threatened to resign or was so adamant that the President caved in. In either case, Mr. Bush now believes that listening to his Secretary of State was a big mistake because it gave the UN at least temporary veto power over U.S. action in Iraq. "The President painted himself into a corner,' says one source, "and the person who handed him the paint brush was Colin Powell."

Who knew William Kristol backchannels Parade?

This week's column also brings you up to date on the Ben Affleck hairpiece controversy and Vincent D'Onofrio's "facial exaggerations." Walter Scott's Personality Parade really is one-stop shopping.

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