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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Thursday, November 21, 2002
12:21 PM

Quick takes on Augusta: The LPGA commisioner scolds the club's membership policy:

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Nov. 20 -- LPGA Commissioner Ty Votaw today strongly condemned Augusta National Golf Club's policy of excluding women and called upon chairman William "Hootie" Johnson "to do the right thing" and open the club to female members.

Calling the highly charged debate surrounding the issue damaging to the game of golf, Votaw became the first golf official to take a strong public stand in the debate and said he felt compelled to do so only after Johnson last week reaffirmed the club's male-only policy, saying it would remain in place at least through next April's Masters tournament....

NRO contrubiting editor Deroy Murdock begs to differ:

Feminists who demand that Augusta National Golf Club admit women should think twice. If they succeed, men may try to gain entry to places now open only to females....

It would be easier to take Burk seriously is she directed some of her wrath at other discriminatory establishments. Though far less controversial, there are venues where men are forbidden. If women penetrate Augusta, how will they bar males from all-female institutions?

Start with the 68 member-campuses of the Women's College Coalition. Such schools as Barnard, Mount Holyoke and Smith offer top drawer, liberal arts instruction. Men need not apply....

And Michael Wilbon yesterday works the racial angle:

Forcing a Social Conscience Is Unconscionable

I read an editorial in Monday's editions of the New York Times that suggested that Tiger should boycott The Masters, the most prestigious tournament in the world, in April so that he can send the message that discrimination isn't good for the sport.

Oh, is that right? I bet the editorial pages of the Times never suggested that Jack Nicklaus should have boycotted The Masters because Augusta National didn't have any black members....

It's a confused mishmash of a column. I'll get to it later. But putting aside the New York Times, what are the chances that Nicklaus was not called on to boycott Augusta--or take other action--because of its racial policy?

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