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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

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Thursday, November 14, 2002
10:58 PM

Martha Burk Suddenly Powerless.. Who says? Martha Burk says.

I took a trip down to the Augusta Chronicle website and found something left out of the Shapiro story blogged below. Shapiro mentons three women, two of them from Augusta, accompanied pollster Kellyanne Conway in the DC press conference. He says they criticized Burk but that's about it. So for fair and balanced, go to the Augusta Chronicle:

At a news conference in Washington to announce the findings of the poll, two Augusta women attended and said their businesses could be hurt by the campaign to get a female member admitted to Augusta National. Vera Stewart, owner of Very Vera Catering, and Elaine Clark-Smith, a hospitality consultant, said the Masters is good for local business.

"I just felt compelled to speak out as a female business owner that I disagree that this action is supportive of women," said Stewart, who employs about 200 temporary workers during Masters Week. "I'm not about to let something like this threaten my company without taking a stand."

Asked to comment, we learn that Martha Burk has suddenly lost any ability to influence--what's the name of that place again? Augusta something?

Burk would not agree to meet with the local businesswomen, Stewart said.

"I appreciate the dilemma those women are in," Burk said. "Their blame is misguided. Martha Burk does not have the power to change Augusta's policies."

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