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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Thursday, November 14, 2002
1:40 PM

Is Arianna Huffington a Bubble Person? From the gossip column The Reliable Source:

Los Angeles pundit Arianna Huffington, who until last year drove a gas-guzzling Lincoln Navigator, has joined forces with Hollywood producer Laurence Bender and environmental activist Laurie David, wife of comedy auteur Larry David, to produce television commercials urging patriotic Americans to get their SUVs off the road and, for the sake of national security, drive fuel-efficient vehicles instead....

One script calls for "quick cuts of various people in their SUVs looking out the window talking to camera and driving away. . . . Their deliveries should be mindlessly cheerful -- Person 1: 'I helped hijack an airplane.' Person 2: 'I helped blow up a nightclub.' Person 3: 'I funded a terrorist training camp in a foreign country.' . . . Group: 'And we did it all just by driving our SUVs.' Super 1: 'Where does the money you spend on gasoline really wind up?' Stock footage of terrorist training camp. Super 2: 'The biggest weapon of mass destruction is parked in your driveway.'...

So the question is, are Arianna & Co. frickn' crazy? Most SUV owners are not guilty liberals. They're suburbanites, families, lords of the outdoors, urban outfitters, red-staters of the heartland to whom SUVs are as American as apple pie and laser-guided bombs. They are not going to be amused by the wry arched eyebrow framing them as accomplices to murder. They will get angry and buy more SUVs, probably larger ones.

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