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Tuesday, November 19, 2002
11:37 PM

Glenn Reynolds, lock and load... From the via the Virginia Citizen's Defense League

Gun enthusiasts with a permit to carry a concealed weapon want to be allowed to carry their firearms into family restaurants, bars and other places that sell alcoholic beverages as long as they aren't drinking. They also want the legislature to remove the prohibition that keeps them from carrying a handgun on school grounds and in public parks. They also want to be allowed to carry loaded rifles and shotguns in the gun racks of their pickup trucks and they want the conceal-and-carry permit to allow them to have police-type batons in their possession. Those changes are in a series of proposed bills that would relax weapons standards for 130,000 Tennesseans who have received permits since the conceal-and-carry permit program began in 1994. The bills, all sponsored by state Rep. Ben West Jr., D-Hermitage, and backed by the Tennessee Firearms Association, were discussed last week by the House Judiciary Committee, which was reviewing them in an interim study session. ''It appears the election brought some more NRA (National Rifle Association) and TFA (Tennessee Firearms Association) friends up to the Hill and got rid of some who were not friends,'' West said....

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