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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Tuesday, November 19, 2002
2:10 PM

Conservative politics again is shown not to have hurt Republican candidates, a Nov. 6 blog by Andrew Sullivan notwithstanding. The link doesn't dredge up his original statement, which is as follows:

[moderate/liberal Republican Richard] RIORDAN WOULD HAVE WON: Can anyone doubt that now? Bush would have a friendly governor in California in 2004 if the California Republican party hadn't allowed itself to become captive to the hard right. The Dems are not the only people to learn lessons from last night. The Republicans need to internalize the fact that religious right conservatism, especially in places like California, is poison.

As I said at the time, he may be right about California, though as I recall Simon lost to Davis in a 47-42-10 split, hardly decisive especially given Simon's weak campaign. Anyway, here's the
Washington Times today with more figures from a Weekly Standard story:

"The big story is that the pro-choice extremists took a widespread whipping, which is the one thing the press doesn't want to acknowledge, much less trumpet abroad to the troops. Nevertheless, the big-picture facts are astounding. NARAL, the nation's premier abortion-rights lobby, won two of its 11 targeted runs in the Senate, and went six for 26 in the House. As the third-worst performing political action committee in the country, NARAL took a back seat to the absolute loser, EMILY's List, the much lauded PAC that promotes pro-choice women Democrats, which won one of 10 key runs in the Congress.

"By contrast, the National Right to Life Committee won eight of 10 races. In three Senate states in which abortion emerged as a visible difference — New Hampshire, Colorado and Missouri — pro-choice candidates lost to pro-lifers," Miss [Noemie] Emery said.

"It is not possible to say just how the issue played out in all of these races, but it is safe to say nobody lost in the big-ticket races for liking abortion too little."

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