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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Wednesday, November 13, 2002
1:38 PM

Can we slow down the Chief Moose bandwagon long enough to ask how well the sniper investigation was conducted under his watch?

The guy obviously wanted to catch the sniper and worked very hard to protect the public. But I was none too impressed by his demeanor, and the more I learn the less I like.

He's being lionized in the Post and elsewhere, but World Net Daily's Paul Sperry says PC-driven sniper profiles--a comfortable fit with Moose's worldview--delayed the arrests and cost lives. On the topic of some witnesses talking about non-white suspects:

Those physical descriptions of the suspects were dismissed by Moose, while the physical descriptions of the vehicles were treated as gospel. In fact, Moose issued composite graphics of the mythical white truck and van.

But he refused to release a composite sketch of a suspect based on witness accounts, because he didn't want to "paint some group." Snipers were terrorizing Washington, assassinating people left and right, even a boy, and the top cop on the case was more concerned about offending a minority group than catching the killers. That's incompetence writ large and should be called by its proper name, black official or not.

And it wasn't just white vans that Moose had police look for in those dragnets. They were looking for white drivers.

In fact, police who checked cars on roads and freeways following each shooting were ordered to wave cars by if the drivers were minorities or females, according to one ATF agent. They were told to search only cars with white males behind the wheel.

Moose's wife has some interesting views:

Sandy Moose's ideas on race issues are downright scary. She told CNN's Connie Chung the other night that she hit the roof when she heard a female newsie call her husband "hostile" after one of his hostile press conferences. Sandy explained that whole discrimination law is built around that word, which she claims is racially charged and should never be used to describe a black man.

Reinforcing Moose:

...In another controversy, he had to apologize for making racial slurs against whites. Even the liberal Portland Oregonian lamented his "explosive temper."

Some white Portland cops complain that Moose discriminated against them.

"I tried to be very open-minded and extend myself to him on many occasions while working with him, but he made it very apparent he has some very strong bias against white males, especially ones with blond hair and blue eyes," said a former Portland officer who served under Moose in the 1990s...

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