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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Saturday, November 02, 2002
9:34 AM

Apparently it's a state secret that women play golf at Augusta.

From today's Free for All:

In his column discussing the pressures on golfer Tiger Woods and Secretary of State Colin Powell, William Raspberry writes that "while both may be odious, men-only rules aren't quite in the same category as white-only rules" ["No House Slaves Here," op-ed, Oct. 28].

He is mistaken.

When I attended high school, girls were allowed to letter in only one activity -- cheerleading. The boys (of all ethnic backgrounds) could letter in half a dozen sports and were afforded opportunities to compete for college scholarships as a result. I went to college with three of the many fine female golfers on the LPGA Tour: Beth Daniel, Betsy King and Sherri Turner. Is it less odious that they can't play golf at Augusta National, the most prestigious course in America? There are more than 143 million women and girls in the United States. Is it less odious that we can all still expect to be paid less for the same work than a man?

Discrimination -- against any member of the human tribe -- is odious. Period.

-- Karen Lubieniecki

Write a letter to Wellesley, Karen. While you're waiting for a reply, you can play at Augusta provided you're part of the billionaire crowd, and hanging out with one of your LPGA classmates wouldn't hurt either.

Women play golf there, friend, they just can't be members.

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