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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Thursday, October 24, 2002
11:16 PM

Way Cool... Eleven Day Empire has relocated to with a new, edgy design sure to snag more of those 18-24 male viewers the WB is after this, wait, wrong context. But he has a new setup, check it out, tell him you like it.

I was going to blog about James's 11-day tonight because I see other bloggers getting a lot of InstaJuice for going after Richard Cohen's latest train wreck of a column. But 11-Day toils relentlessly on what, in this part of the neighborhood, we'd call CohenWatch.

This week, before me, before the Brothers Judd, before Charles Austin, and unfortunately off the InstaScope, 11-Day pursued Mr. Cohen at length. for example, quoting Cohen:

"At the same time, administration officials and their key allies outside of government have continued to claim that a meeting took place in Prague between Mohamed Atta, the supposed leader of the Sept. 11 terrorists, and an Iraqi intelligence official. But no evidence of that meeting exists -- not that the White House acknowledges that. Maybe it's been too preoccupied with withholding news about the North Korean nuclear program."

11-Day comments:

We discussed Richard's lies and distortions about North Korea on Tuesday, so no need to rehash that here. As for Atta-in-Prague, up until this week, the Czechs were swearing that the meeting happened, so it's entirely reasonable for the White House to discuss it.

The column really is a doozy, which is why so many are going after it (which is why I hate to see 11-day unrecognized, since he almost always tries to do it even when it isn't like shooting fish in a barrel).

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