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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Wednesday, October 30, 2002
3:26 PM

Speaking of Augusta, here are some letters that appeared in the Post.

From Carey Armstrong:

How would people react if Augusta National tried to block the memberships of blacks, Asians or Jews? Because the discrimination is against women, it is okay?

Discrimination on any basis is wrong, especially when it is directed at more than 51 percent of the population.

I know some female golfers who -- especially since the average age of Augusta National members is over 60 -- would be great competitors at Augusta....

This letter exposes a basic disagreement between the left, which believes gender discrimination is exactly the same as race discrimination, and the right, which does not. Besides that, I wonder if Armstrong knows that women play at Augusta all the time. Or that men can't go to 60 colleges in this country because they're for women only. Forget what I just said. The left acts as if it believes all discrimination is wrong.

Speaking of which, Tim Craley:

If Sally Jenkins worries that she will be "drummed out of the gender" for saying Let Augusta Stay Men Only" [Sports, Oct. 19], I shudder to think what's in store for any man who shares her view.

That's what is so reckless about Martha Burk's dogmatic campaign to force Augusta National Golf Club to accept her demands: the assumption that anyone who disagrees isn't simply wrong but that they deserve scorn. What's worse is that Ms. Burk is using this moral coercion to try to undermine fundamental rights that we all enjoy, such as free association and privacy. My right to enjoy my men's bowling league is the same as my daughter's to attend a women's college.

I really don't know why this issue hasn't figured more prominently in the Augusta debate. I'm sure many if not all of those colleges get some federal assistance through student grants and other aid. That means I'm paying colleges to discriminate against me. I should go get a grant myself from the Scaife Foundation or something and publish a study, eh? Afterwards, I'll try to boost my study's visibility.

Patricia Meagher:

As a married, professional woman, I have no qualm about men having a club of their own, where they can enjoy the company of other men. I have enjoyed an all-female book club, a women's gym and even the occasional night in front of a Lifetime movie.

My husband feels no burning exclusion on these occasions, and, yes, I am pleased when he joins his pals for an occasional "guys' night out."

Those clamoring to make everything public or to create a unisex world need some common-sense advice: Give it a rest.

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