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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Thursday, October 24, 2002
12:24 PM

Sources: Bush, GOP Trying To Win Elections...

Or, as the Post puts it, Bush Enlists Government in GOP Campaign

Cabinet Members, Memos to Workers, Photo Ops Employed to Push for Midterm Success

By Mike Allen
President Bush has harnessed the broad resources of the federal government to promote Republicans in next month's elections. From housing grants in South Dakota and research contracts in Florida to Air Force One rides and photos in the White House driveway, Bush has made Republican success on Nov. 5 a government-wide project.

More than 330 administration appointees, some of whom were told by White House officials that they needed to show their Republican credentials, have taken vacation time and are being flown by the party to House and Senate campaigns in states where control of Congress will be decided. The appointees will organize volunteers, work the phones and go door to door....

Slow news day or what? The story argues that Bush & co. are pulling out the stops to a degree unusual for mid-term elections, and implies there's somethign unseemly about it.

But hey, it's not like Mike Allen doesn't put it in context:

Election-year politicking has been honed through many presidencies.

Say, I wonder what past president we could choose to illustrate this point?

In 1992, top aides to Bush's father held "funnel meetings" to dispatch federal largess to states with upcoming primaries

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