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Thursday, October 24, 2002
7:00 AM

Some Jewish leaders are very leery of surging Christian support for Israel, particularly from Evangelicals who are looking for Armageddon, Jewish conversions, etc. Catholic blogger Mark Shea does not see this as a big problem:

I don't worry when a Muslim thinks I'm going to hell. I worry when a Muslim wishes to kill me. The ADL spends waaaaay too much time hyperventilating over Christians who think Jews need to be Christian (duh!) and should really focus its energies on Muslims who think Jews need to be dead.

Mark links to a (Jewish) Dennis Prager column:

Evangelical Christians, almost alone, affirm that America has a divine mission, that this country has better values than Europe, that the United Nations is a moral wasteland, that God's law is higher than international laws devised in New York or The Hague, that secularism is wonderful for government but fatal for society, that Israel must be protected against those who wish to exterminate it, that the Jews have a divinely chosen role in history, and that America must remain a Judeo-Christian country.

If the only way a Christian can hold these precious beliefs is to maintain that faith in Jesus is the only way to salvation, here is one Jew who says: More power to you. Keep your faith strong.

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