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Saturday, October 19, 2002
12:50 PM

Sally Jenkins takes a break from groupthink and backs Augusta's right to free association in Augusta Should Stay Men-Only

What has to be weighed is how much Augusta really matters in the affairs of men and women. It's a golf course, where, once a year, they play the Masters. How important is it? Will the admission of one rich woman to a country club change anything? Does the NCWO have better things to do, and if they don't, why not? Why does it all feel like a Civil War reenactment?...

Give her credit for using the telephone:

...I called some people who I might normally disagree with, and asked them why. Legal commentator Ann Coulter says, "You're uneasy because like most Americans you have an intuitive sense that this is part of the panoply of freedoms we have. The Supreme Court has recognized a right of free association proceeding from the First Amendment. I find all such cases offensive for that reason. Point one, this is a private club. Point two, I think it's racist to compare it to the complaint of blacks. And a third point is, I just don't think there's anything wrong with an all-men's club."

Jenkins went to an all-girls school, which she mentions in passing. Martha Burk needs to explain why all-women institutions are fine and all-men institutions are not.

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